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Water Gremlin forced to temporarily shut down after high blood lead levels found in children of workers

Toward a More Equitable and Inclusive Minnesota 

‘It Smells Dangerous’: Whistleblower Tips Off MPCA About Northern Metals Violation

Supreme Court allows partisan districts, blocks census query

CNN ran a ‘climate justice’ segment and this is progress

US history explains that white fear is just another way to enforce racial segregation

By Aamna Mohdin

I’ve just read,

The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate’ at 

Thor Construction shutting down in wake of lawsuits

Founder said that other arms of parent company Thor Cos., which provided consulting, design, and development services, will continue in some capacity, though he didn’t specify which ones.

Mayor Jacob Frey

Minneapolis to ban ‘warrior’ training for police, Mayor Jacob Frey says

Mayor Jacob Frey made the announcement in his State of the City address.

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